ICE LUBE The first intimate cosmetic with a sensual rich feel and cool creamy touch.

Ice Lube enhances comfort, intimacy, stimulates excitement and is innovative with cooling properties when the skin becomes hotter. Branded like a special care-product for women and marketed as an intimate stimulant with a 'special cool touch'
Ice Lube by Cobeco Pharma has already shown great interest from consumers and in an early stage seems a clever product development to support retailers.

Branded like a special care-product for women and marketed as an intimate stimulant with a 'special cool touch'.
This seems the right approach also for the strategy Ice Lube has added value by innovation and onto a different market, namely cosmetics.

Cool branded Strategy
Cobeco Pharma supports the execution of the private label and branded products in erotic supplements and cosmetics.
With this comes constant scanning for new trends, chances and opportunities to development and support retail channels financial goals. An interesting fact was found to promote sales.

"Within their existing erotic target group a retailer holds a valuable key. Namely that these 'erotic' clients are also familiar with cosmetics and care products like crèmes and lotions. Ice Lube connects erotica to cosmetics.

Ice Lube is an intimate cosmetic cream for the self-aware and modern woman who looks after herself and has a free mind, is curious, has healthy sexual desires and is a bit cheeky.

What happens when you target an intimate cosmetic on the sexual active female within your clientele?
You reach a vast group ranging from 18 to 65 who all use cosmetics, specially lotions, crèmes and lubes.

For more effective communication Cobeco Pharma has narrowed their target audience for Ice Lube.
This way Ice Lube is being launched in the erotic market and also onto the OTC/drugstore market. Here the main target group meets Ice Lube. She is the typical self-aware confident woman, age 25-40, who has a free mind, is willing to spend on care-products and appeals to a brand like Ice Lube which is adventurous, sexy, liberal-minded and caring.

The 'lube' in Ice Lube is a small hint to lubrication. It is exactly what it does, with high efficiency and is at least as good as other available lubes. But Ice Lube does so much more. An introduction: Intimate Cosmetic
The first intimate cosmetics (IC) were mainly to create harmony between the partners in their intimate life.
Today IC´s increasingly have properties characteristic to regular cosmetics.

sensual rich feel
arctic refreshment

A few highlights:
Ice Lube is noted for its rich moisturizing attributes and contains ingredients which have long proved their benefits for skincare. In fact Ice Lube is skin treatment which dates back to the ancient beauties like Cleopatra. The milky white cream of Ice Lube contains active anti-aging ingredients, improving skin texture and rejuvenating it. Ice Lube furthermore has a natural soft rich creamy feel lovely to also bathe intimate areas in and optimal for intimate lubrification.

Comfort and Intimacy
Besides its skin softening capabilities Ice Lube is water based to have a natural glide and was originally designed to feel like a woman's own natural moist. When using Ice Lube as a cosmetic Ice Lube it also offers a relax moment. A woman can indulge in its rich creamy feel and sexy sensation to start off her day.

Stimulate excitement

Also Ice Lubes oily properties allows you to treat your partner to erotic massages. Making it the ultimate exciting experience, because the cream cools when the skin becomes hotter, and offers some tingling sensation when applied on intimate areas.

Arctic Sensation

Get a fresh smell in the effect. Ice Lube spreads a refreshing scent and fills the room with a cooling arctic breeze sensation.

Pharmaceutical quality

Controlled with full pharmaceutical GMP's, qualitative and quantative analysis of the constituents.

Extra retailers effort
The process of registration, formulation, stability testing, GMP compliance, quality control and validation have some cost and technical implications. These are beyond the resources and capabilities of many of the small and mid-sized producers, but is business as usual for Cobeco Pharma.

The marketing department could only agree upon the product introduction if Ice Lube would then be positioned as a good deal. Cost-effective production allows retailers to benefit from a reasonable price, even for a cosmetic. Ice Lube is available at a competitive price in the middle segment. Cobeco Pharma's long-term focus on maintaining high quality products at reasonable prices was this way achieved. So quality, and at fine price.

Extra value was added through packaging with high gloss coating and foil embossed lettering which will accentuate Ice Lube's exclusive character.

Ice Lube comes standard in a practical and stylish 30 ml dispenser.

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About Ice Lube
Ice Lube enhances comfort, intimacy, stimulates excitement and is innovative with cooling properties when the skin becomes hotter. Use Ice Lube on intimate areas for more comfort and intimacy.
Indulge in its rich creamy feel when treated to a cooling massage. Also Ice Lube moisturizes like a cosmetic and stimulates excitement when applied on intimate areas.

Ice Lube enhances pleasure for both you and your partner.